Meet new friends faster than ever with our simple friendship app! Playdate connects you to people with similar tastes in concerts, comedy, sports games, cannabis, and more.

You'll never fly Solo Dolo again!

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What is playdate?

Playdate is an activity-centered app for making friends. Our app matches you with someone new instantly, on demand. Don't swipe through endless profiles and sift through tons of mind-numbing information. We make it easy to just get out there and hang out with someone new.


To try it out, simply:


Sign up using Facebook or phone number

Using your Facebook account or phone number, just sign in.


Edit your profile and preferences

Takes less than 5 minutes and your answers help us hook you up with the right people and experience.


Make plans and chill

Your chat closes within 24 hours so go hang out–it’s fast, easy and fun.


It's never been easier to make new friends!

  • Designed for You

    Our proprietary algorithm hooks you up with someone chill

  • Less Hassle

    Make a playdate with one button tap. Not a million swipes

  • Made with Love

    Because we care. Because it should be easy to make friends in the 21st century

  • Connect the World

    Join us in our journey to make it simple to meet new people in real life


Step 1

Edit Profile


Step 2

Set Preferences


Step 3

Make a playdate!


Step 4

Chat & Meet!